Solar Water Filtration Plant

Clean drinking water has started to become scarce in Pakistan. Water contamination is a rising issue in Pakistan. Filtration plan has been installed by the government and people but it has also put a strain on our national grid. Given the shortfall of electricity and high demand for clean drinking water has become a challenge for the population of Pakistan.

Photon Energy Solutions Ltd thinks greatly for our people in Pakistan. We are introducing our solar-powered water filtration plant at economical prices for all cities. We are experts in solar power generation and can connect any electronic device to solar power. We have industrial size water filtration to the normal household water filtration setup. Getting setup on an industrial size which can water 100 – 150 households. Photon energy Solutions have the capability to install a completely self-sustained water filtration plant. The plant is highly efficient, customizable and economical, conservatively engineered for reliability and Long term performance. Factory tested to ensure trouble-free operations with solar power up to 60 kW to operate