Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation

Solar Powered is the collaboration of 2 types of irrigation systems which managed to have a positive impact but have never been used together in Pakistan agriculture system. Drip irrigation is an extremely mechanism for delivering water directly to the roots of the plant. This process can increase yield and can become the reason for yielding crops which were never been able to yield in an area with no rain. Solar powered solar power irrigation system can save potentially hours of manpower in the area. They are free of any fuel shortages and can prove to be less expensive them traditional diesel-powered generators. When used in tandem, these technologies allow the production of vegetables and crops in the offseason and make production possible in those areas which are not very familiar with rain.

Solar-powered drip irrigation system consists of a solar panel power out upset on one place to power the water pump. The water pump will push the water through the pipes to a water reservoir tank kept at a height and connected to the network of pipes widespread throughout the vast land. Once the pump has to work to keep the water tank full and then gravity takes over and plays a part in transferring water to the plants.

Now, looking at the technical side of the system, low-pressure drip irrigation and the solar power water pump is an ideal combination.  It is an easy and straight forward setup, which is very durable and maintenance cost effective. It is a long term solution for and can be with a direct power source attached to the pump. Because the pump uses solar power so the sunnier is the day the greater power you get to water crops. A simple solar power drip irrigation set up can allow the farmers to invest in drip solar power setup on time and forget about paying for electricity and fuel cost for the generators and other forms of electrical equipment.