Solar Powered Tube Well

Pakistan is an agriculture country, we depend on agriculture for more than 70% of our budget. And given the high increase in population it is becoming harder for us to fulfil our need from the crop that we generate. And the given rise in the electricity prices has not helped at all.

Photon Energy Solutions have come up with a solution for the energy needs of our agriculture sector. We are now offering solar power solution to our beloved farmers so they can be free from the ever increasing monthly expense of electricity. Over solar panel power generation set up will help with all the irrigation a farmer can ever have. Give the culture of our agriculture, they all use tube wells and other forms of irrigation. Photon energy solutions offers solar power systems for irrigation purpose. Our complete solar panel setup will supply uninterrupted power supply to you tube well irrigation system. The energy supplied is only from the solar panel so there is no need to use any other form of electricity. As the farmers always water their crop in the day time, so they don’t even have to worry about the battery setup because they might not need it at all.

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