Up Time offers a complete range of solar energy solutions for all audience commercial or residential. Solar is more efficient and cheap among all forms of natural energy. Even the hottest days of June and July won’t be a problem for you because you don’t have to worry about paying a huge electricity bill at the end of the month. It can keep you and  your family cool with the cheapest expense on Air-Conditioning. Jump into your pool and enjoy a chilled drink as you have no power cuts to worry about. Solar Energy not only saves you’re out of pocket expense on electricity bills and feeling restless when there is no power in your area. It helps the environment as well, as it is the cheapest and harmless to the climate. All other forms of electricity are produced from water flammable fuel. Which needs massive running or initial manufacturing cost. In order to generate energy from water, you need to make big dams which will cost a fortune. And Engine powered electricity generator would cost you a lot as they run on petrol, which is one of the most expensive chemicals used in Pakistan.

How Solar Panel Green Energy set up Works?

Main Components of Solar energy

  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Inverter
  • Switch Board

Solar panel

A Solar Panel is a device that converts solar energy to electrical energy through silicon cells. Nowadays solar panels are made from thousands of silicone cells on the surface of the panel. The sunlight falls on the cells and the cells generate DC electricity. The cells can also be connected with the wires to adjacent solar panels in order to increase the power output. The solar panel can generate electricity to its maximum on the peak sun hours during the day. At times when the sun is not shining you can use the power bank batteries to power your house.

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is a technology which is used to convert DC current into AC current, so the electricity generated from the solar panels can be used to power your household equipment. The DC current generated from all the solar panels is collected and brought to the inverter to convert the DC current to AC. You can also install a power optimizer can also be attached at the back of an inverter to help you monitor power coming from each panel to ensure the efficiency of the solar panels.

Switch Board

This is a device used to direct the Ac current to different circuits in your house or office, so it can be utilized, and the excess energy is either exported to the main lines or can be stored in the batteries if you have a setup ready for that. Hybrid systems, however, can do both stores the energy to the batteries to be used in off time and export the electricity back to the main lines so you can sell your excess back to WAPDA.

There are multiple applications of solar energy which can be of great value for all types of uses:


  • Grid-Tied/On-Grid
  • On-Grid Hybrid
  • Off Grid

Net metering system

A  shop/office/home which uses the electricity produced by the PV system on the rooftop. Surely the electricity produced will be more than the need of the shop during the daytime. If this shop will have a net meter then the electricity meter will run backward. Hence, if the meter continues to run backward, the bill sent to the consumer by WAPDA will be in negative numbers, this means WAPDA has to pay you this amount. This amount will be adjusted against the electricity which will be used by the shop at night or other times when the load or consumption will be more.

Most people get puzzled regarding the procedure of net metering service in Lahore. you can apply for net metering online by contact our numbers or email us. We will make sure to make this process more convenient and easy!