Grid Tied/On-Grid

On-Grid/Grid Tied solar power setup is by far the most commonly used set up to power appliances. This type of set up is very much liked by the home and business owners as it does not require a battery to store the power unless you need it. The set up requires no high-end solar inverters and wires. The setup is relatively cheap to install and maintain in the long run. The excess power generated by the system can easily be transmitted to WAPDA which can earn you credits through net metering.

If you own a solar panel set up in Pakistan then you need not care about the WAPDA bill anymore. WAPDA has introduced a new scheme for net-metering, according to this solar panel owners can now sell the excess power generated from their solar panel back to WAPDA and earn credits. This is the advantage to solar panel owners to keep their electricity bills down to a minimum and help our great country out of power outage.

Batteries can be added at a later stage if required!